My Internship at NICT Technologies

Abhimanyu Parikh
3 min readApr 27, 2023


I’ve been working as an IT intern at NICT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for almost 4 months now. I want to highlight some of the important things I have learnt working for the organisation thus far and share my own experience in this blog post. However, it is essential to first give some history on the firm before delving into my experience.

A respected organisation with a clear aim to encourage the general use of information technology within society, NICT Technologies has more than 15 years of expertise in the field of information and communication technology. Leading service provider NICT Technologies provides a broad range of services geared towards promoting inclusive growth and development. These services include capacity building, training, and skill development, as well as software development, financial inclusion, ICT4D, e-governance, rural development and empowerment, health inclusion, and rural development.

For the first 2 weeks of the internship, I had to go through a training process which involved understanding the ideology and working of the organisation, apart from that my industrial training included skills, technologies and softwares like Java, HTML, Eclipse IDE, Postman API, MySQL and many more. During my time, I got the opportunity to work on 2 exciting projects: CSP commission ledger for BOB (Bank of Baroda) and Household services API for SewaDoot (Bills & Services) Android APP.

Coming to the first project, NICT has a network of more than 2000 banking kiosks across India and acts as the business correspondent for BOB. The revenue generated by the transactions carried out at the kiosk operators’ locations is reported monthly to NICT. The commission ledger online module was created to help kiosk owners analyse their transactions and revenue-generating activities so they can appropriately plan their business plans. The project required a lot of attention to detail and problem-solving skills, as we had to consider different edge cases, data validation, and data security measures. Learnings included lot about data modelling, designing a database using MySQL workbench, using Eclipse IDE, backend using Java and frontend designing on HTML.

Project 1: CSP Commission Ledger for BOB

A complete android software called SewaDoot, formerly known as nPe, allows users to simply pay their power bills, recharge their pre-paid mobile phones, book hotels and transportation, among other services, all in one place. Additionally, the app offers exclusive features like doorstep banking and home services, giving users the ease of having standard services like plumbing and AC/TV repair handled at their doorstep. Similar technologies to the first project but this also included testing the REST API’s on Postman. This project required a lot of research and understanding of API design principles, as well as excellent communication skills with the Android app developers.

Project 2: Household services API for SewaDoot (Bills & Services) Android APP

I picked up a lot of useful skills during my internship, both technical and non-technical. I gained knowledge on how to properly interact with clients and collaborate with other engineers. Due to the pressure of juggling several tasks and meeting deadlines, I also developed better time management abilities. I gained knowledge about the significance of code quality, testing, and documentation as well as how these elements might impact a project’s overall success. I was able to better grasp how the software development process operates in the business by having the chance to use tools and technologies from the actual world, such as MySQL Workbench, Java, Postman API, and Eclipse IDE. I am appreciative of the opportunity and eager to use the knowledge I gained in my next endeavours.