Abhimanyu Parikh
3 min readNov 15, 2020


PROJECT — Edugames: Learn with Fun

TEAM — Abhimanyu Parikh, Siddharth Prabhu, Dev Sarda and Shaurya Pratap Chauhan

MENTORS — Dr Deepak Garg, Dr Anurag Goswami and Dr Hiren Thakkar


I along with teammates made a project for the course Design Thinking and Innovation. Title of our project is Edugames: Learn with fun which mainly focuses on learning various concepts in a fun way through playing games. The two games which we have decided till now are Abacus based on Math and Pictubulary which is a modified version of Pictionary but with words and sentences based on English. We decided this because we all had a keen interest in game development, and we thought that this concept is new and will be helpful to society especially during such a pandemic where the students were locked in their houses and made to learn online.

UML Diagram


We will be using unity 3D for our game designing and the language used for coding will be C#. Our target users will be children from 1st to 5th Std. The games will be compiled and put together in a single application available on Android and PCs. We started by outlining our project, planned every detail like background images, music, logic and animations to make it fit for a younger user base and as we were new to Unity 3d, we had to do a course, then conceptualise and decide our games and platform and then proceed with our work. We divided our team of 4 into 2 teams and started working on Abacus and Pictubulary simultaneously. Completing the documentation was also a lot of work but we enjoyed that because we were finally getting some output. Sometimes the things didn’t proceed as our timeline so had to improvise a lot and in a situation like these, we got a lot of guidance from our mentors which helped us in completing the project successfully and now it feels like a great accomplishment even though it’s not that big.



As we have now completed our project, we have learnt a lot of things. We learnt a new software Unity 3D which would help us a lot if we proceed for game development in the future. We got to know about the documentation work and working of our industry. We understood the key elements of taking a project further. Apart from all this, we also understood the concept of teamwork and time management which is the most important thing and will take us a long way. We also got 2 basic games which we can easily develop into great commercial games as an educational tool for kids with our updated knowledge in the future. We will try our level best to take this project to new heights.